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Black kimono fishtail parka, combining a military silhouette with a traditional Japanese kimono it features a triple-stitched lapel and centre-tie fastening. A detachable buttoned hood, flap pockets and cuffs an internal carry straps to free the hands when unworn. Cotton Hemp Twill Artist: Utagawa Yoshitsuya Hand-machined Tonal Dragon embroidery Vintage stonewashed Centre-tie Secure flap pockets Internal carry straps Wash at or below 30°c. No bleach. Cool iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Yoshitsuya's '1857 battle of Takadachi' is referenced in order to produce tonal elements of this artwork. Published by Kinshodo in 1857. A fine design. Amidst lightning bolts a large white dragon emerges from the Koromo River before Yoshitsune and his followers at the battle of Takatachi in Mutsu Province in 1187. Yoshitsune’s loyal retainer, Benkei, is in the centre wearing a white monk’s cowl and holding his personal standard with Buddhist prayer wheel on the top. To the right is Yoshitsune in full armour. 280gsm · 63% Cotton 37% Hemp Hemp belongs to one of the Earth’s most advanced plant families, and is one of the most versatile and renewable of all our natural resources. Continuing efforts to produce sustainable clothing, hemp is combined with organic cotton to produce a textile that is comfortable as well as extremely durable. Shown with 4206 Loose Utility Pants Model is 6'1 with a 35" chest and wears an L *This product is excluded from promotions
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Established in 1994, Maharishi offers environmentally conscious and long-lasting Utilitarian Clothing
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